Communication and Working in Partnership with Parents

As parents and carers you are the most important people in your children’s lives. You are their first teachers, friends and playmates. You are the people who know the most about your child and therefore you have a very important role to play in our nursery.

Within our opening hours we will endeavour to set a high standard of communication.

Communication between parents and staff is of paramount importance. We practice this importance by having the following structures in place:

*Share with you what your child has been doing during the day

*Pre school information board: Provides information on weekly menus, copy of our monthly newsletter, information on activities and experiences which have been planned for the children. Displayed is also our Ofsted registration certificate, Ofsted contact details, insurance certificate, key worker groups and information on Development Matters guidance.  The Comments and Complaints folder, Medicine folder, staff training folder and the Operational Plan folder which contains all policies and procedures and our on going self evaluation, all of which are situated within the information area for your perusal.

*Photos of staff comprising their qualifications.

*Monthly newsletter giving information, news, competitions, outings, birthdays, parental information ideas and other celebrations

*Share anecdotes of what they have enjoyed and participated in;

*Discuss with you your child’s progress and development, daily and at arranged parents evenings (Pre school).

*Involve you in planning for your child in pre school.  This is done by sending home diary sheets.  We are able to pick out your child’s individual needs and interests from these and add them to our continuous planning.

*Tracy is our working with parent’s coordinator who is available to speak to about any issues or ideas that you as a parent have.  Your child’s key worker is also available to discuss your child’s development and talk to you about any ideas or concerns you may have.  You are also welcome to look at your child’s learning journal whenever you wish (pre school).

We work very closely with the parents of the children in our care.  We believe it is important to have good communication to ensure an easy and positive transition from home and Acorns and vice versa.  We encourage sharing information between parents and staff. We love to hear about the children’s weekends, days out and their general interests.  Information like this can assist with planning activities and will ensure your child’s learning is adapted within their own interests.

It would be helpful if you could arrive early enough in the morning to inform staff about any issues concerning your child, likewise in the evening. This will enable staff to spend a few minutes discussing your child’s experiences with us.

It is important to remember that due to the opening times of the nursery, your child’s key worker may not be there when you arrive or depart.

It may be necessary for you to communicate your child’s needs to the member of staff on duty, who will feed this information back to your key person.

If at any time you have worries or concerns or would like to talk privately to your key worker or the nursery management, please let them know so that arrangements can be made to ensure this happens.

We also regularly invite parents in to pre school to read to the children and participate in “show and tell” talks.

EYFS planning is displayed.  Parents are invited to look at this on a daily basis and make their own comments and contributions.