Expressive arts and design

Expressive arts and design

Requirements: Children’s creativity must be extended by the provision of support for their curiosity, exploration and play. They must be provided with opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings, for example, through art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities.

Children will be given the opportunity to explore their own creativity this is provided through art and craft, music and movement and a wide range of media. Creativity emerges as children become absorbed in action and explorations of their own ideas and will be expressed through various activities.

Children respond to what they see, hear and experience through their sense as children are individuals the way each child expresses their creativity will be individual and valuable to them.

Providing creativity activities will enable babies and young children to explore many processes. Practitioners will give all children the opportunities to work alongside artist and creative adults so that they are able to see first hand different ways of expressing and communicating their own ideas and how they response to various media.

Children will be creative through all areas of play and activities must allow children to do so.