Settling in to Pre School

Settling in to pre school

When a child moves from the security of a familiar setting to another, it can be an unsettling time.  We try to make these moves as smooth as possible for you as well as your child by offering as much individual support as needed.  At Acorns we call these moves “transitions”.  These transitions happen from:

Home to nursery:

* Your child will be given a key person.

*You and your child will meet the key person and other staff in the room through regular visits.  If you wish to stay with your child for the first few visits and then gradually leave them when you both feel happy and confident with Acorns and our staff. The settling in visits will vary depending upon your child’s needs.

*During these visits you will be asked to read and fill in your parent and nursery agreement, share information about routines and read nursery policies and procedures.

*Your child will be given a coat hook, labelled drawer for their belongings and a Learning Journal will be started.